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The Hawthorn Foundation is a highly diverse group of Missouri leaders in business, education, economic development, healthcare and labor dedicated to making the state of Missouri stronger, thus developing a vibrant economy for the state of Missouri. Hawthorn was created as a non-partisan, non-political organization of Missouri-based businesses and community leaders in statewide business recruitment, retention, and development efforts. Hawthorn also supports the State of Missouri government’s efforts to improve its effectiveness and efficiency to better serve its citizens.

Latest news: GITF Report

The Governor established a new Governor’s Innovation Task Force (GITF) that brought together private and public sector leaders from across the State in a nonpartisan effort. He asked the GITF to (1) develop a fact-based perspective on the state of innovation and entrepreneurship in Missouri and (2) suggest options for potential state government actions to promote innovation and new technology start-ups across the state. The GITF was administered under the auspices of the Hawthorn Foundation, as the first in a series of task force sprints to help improve the effectiveness of our government. It completed its work at the end of August 2017. 

More information on the GITF and to read its final report

Press release (September 5): Governor’s Innovation Task Force presents its final report to Governor Greitens

Governor Greitens addressing the Governor's Innovation Task Force in Springfield, Missouri July 20, 2017

Governor Greitens addressing the Governor's Innovation Task Force in Springfield, Missouri July 20, 2017

“Our top priority is increasing good jobs for Missouri’s citizens. The world needs to know that Missouri is open for business! The Hawthorn Foundation has a proud tradition of bringing together leaders from business, labor, academia, and government to work together to make Missouri stronger. As we look to the future, we are delighted that Hawthorn will be a valuable partner as we grow our economy and transform how Missouri’s government works to better serve the citizens of this great state.”
— Governor Eric R. Greitens

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Senator Kit Bond (1973-1977, 1981-1985)

General John Ashcroft (1985-1993)

Governor Roger Wilson (2000-2001)

Governor Bob Holden (2001-2005)

Governor Matt Blunt (2005-2009)

Governor Jay Nixon (2009-2017)