My old boxing coach used to say, “if you want different, do different”. Since my inauguration in January 2017, my team has been striving to do different every day.  

The same can be said for The Hawthorn Foundation. Hawthorn has a proud tradition of bringing together leaders from business, labor, academia, and government to work together to make Missouri stronger.  We look forward to working with Hawthorn as you continue to evolve and expand your impact. 

My top priority is supporting quality job growth for Missouri’s citizens.  We are committed to making Missouri’s economy one of the most vibrant in the country.  The world needs to know that Missouri is open for business! The foundation’s continued support for economic development is now more important than ever before.

At the same time, our citizens’ prosperity and well-being is linked to the efficiency and effectiveness of Missouri’s state government.  We are excited that Hawthorn will expand its mission by tapping the expertise of its members to help us find ways to improve government. 

As we look to the future, we are delighted that Hawthorn will be a valuable partner as we grow our economy and transform how Missouri’s government works to serve the citizens of this great state.   

Governor Eric R. Greitens

Governor Greitens addressing the Governor's Innovation Task Force in Springfield, Missouri July 20, 2017

Ex-officio members:

Senator Kit Bond (1973-1977, 1981-1985)

General John Ashcroft (1985-1993)

Governor Roger Wilson (2000-2001)

Governor Bob Holden (2001-2005)

Governor Matt Blunt (2005-2009)

Governor Jay Nixon (2009-2017)

Hawthorn's Newest Members

The Hawthorn Foundation is a highly diverse group of Missouri leaders in business, education, economic development, healthcare and labor dedicated to the development of a vibrant economy for the state of Missouri. Hawthorn was created as a non-partisan, non-political organization of Missouri-based businesses and community leaders in statewide business recruitment, retention and development efforts. Today, Hawthorn supports four primary activities:

  • Trade mission support
  • Economic development marketing and business recruitment through the Missouri Partnership
  • Support for the expansion of Missouri's Innovation Campuses
  • Support and advocate for the military footprint in Missouri
  •  Improved efficiency and effectiveness in Missouri Government