Biomedical Engineering Presentations at the Mizzou Tech Roadshow and Mixer

On Tuesday, August 8th, 2017, the Executive Director of the Hawthorn Foundation, Steve Oslica, was fortunate to attend the Mizzou Tech Roadshow and Mixer held in downtown St. Louis. This exciting and informative event offered insight into different scientific advances that are being pursued right in our backyard. With innovative researchers, investors, entrepreneurs and university leaders in attendance, presentations were exhibited by industry-leading biomedical engineers who are fighting on the front lines against cancer.

Working towards a common goal

Mizzou’s engineering school has a fine team of passionate researchers, led by Dean Elizabeth Loboa. This crew of talented individuals is working under the radar to develop results that could potentially turn the medical industry on its head. With an adept team of engineers, physicians, scientists and lab technicians, the Mizzou engineering team dedicates their time to finding solutions that benefit all of humanity.

 Cancer research that will save lives

When a team is as devoted to a project as those at Mizzou, the results tend to stand above the rest. For example, several researchers are currently working on a non-invasive treatment for cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment. These specialists understand how intrusive and painful the current methods are, and plan to find a procedure that could protect and preserve the health of women without causing any trauma.

In addition to the research and progress in cervical cancers screening and treatment, the researchers and students at Mizzou have been working hard to find a way to isolate the treatment of blood cancers, such as lymphoma and leukemia. With these biomedical advancements, it is possible that the next generation won’t have to suffer from such agonizing illnesses and diseases.

Yet another group at the University of Missouri’s School of Engineering is arduously laboring to discover and refine the treatment of bone cancers, which will consequentially benefit the treatment of other cancers. As these cancers have directly affected the loved ones of many, we are proud to see these innovators fight to help the lives of so many.

After natural and other disasters, the emergency blood supply often fails to meet the needs of those requiring blood transfusions. This is mainly due to the limitations of blood types that people’s bodies can accept. The Mizzou engineering team is performing a series of tests and implementations to adjust blood types from A, B, or AB to O, the universal donor. This groundbreaking development could help save the lives of individuals, even when the blood supply doesn’t offer the blood types in demand.


If you’re interested in learning more about the advancements that Mizzou Tech is working towards or attending their next event, you can visit their website for more details. We suggest you keep an eye on this team, as they are doing great work to help the lives of Missouri citizens and the nation as a whole.

Posted on August 22, 2017 .