Governor's Innovation Task Force

The governor's innovation task force (GITF), led by State Chief Operating Officer Drew Erdmann, has taken its meetings into several geographic regions in our state.  The goal is to report to the governor the key objectives required to make our state more competitive, raising the level of good jobs and better pay in an ever changing competitive world.  Good ideas are being shared from the different geographic, industrial, commercial, and academic interests around the state.  Not surprisingly, there is also a good bit of commonality of thought among these diverse groups as well.  There is one event remaining, July 31, in Cape Girardeau.

The GIFT’s recommendations will help shape the State’s economic development priorities, which Governor Greitens will roll out in his address to the Governor’s Conference on Economic Development in early September.  For more details directly from the governor's office, please refer to these links:’s-innovation-task-force-seeks-public-input-achieve-ambitious-goal-missouri’s

Photo:  Governor Greitens addresses the GITF in Springfield with members of his staff, Acting Director of Economic Development Rob Dixon, and Hawthorn Foundation executive director Steve Oslica in attendance.

Posted on July 21, 2017 .