Historic event for Missouri

On November 20, 2015, all six of Missouri's living Governors came together to discuss economic issues facing the state. From Kit Bond to Jay Nixon, our six governors have utilized Hawthorn in different ways. This historic gathering focused on the indispensable role that the Hawthorn Foundation has played in helping these leaders succeed in bringing jobs to Missouri. The funds raised at the luncheon support our marketing and business recruitment efforts on behalf of the state.


Governor Jay Nixon

“We’ve tried to take leaders of higher education with us as we present ourselves around the world. The reason Hawthorn has been so important there is we have gone out and sought not only the help from the leaders here but non-profit foundations have been helpful. Hawthorn has been the financial agent that has managed a number of grants in higher education for the Innovation Campus and other things. Tying that higher education part in, presenting ourselves not only economically but educationally, and having those cultural ties continues to make a difference. We are clearly, as a state, expanding the investment in the heartland.”


Senator Kit Bond

“We needed a joint effort … and Hawthorn got us focused around the state with leaders you see here, who would come together as a group to promote Missouri. … We needed resources to recruit businesses from overseas. Other states were beating the tar out of us. We started going overseas and Hawthorn Foundation helped provide the funds to do that.”


General John Ashcroft

“The tangibility of the outcome of the trips that we took to promote Missouri, whether it was the FAG Bearing Plant in Jopin or the the bioagri-plants in Southeast Missouri, all were a consequence of the excellent cooperation with Hawthorn.”


Governor Roger Wilson

“French oak which is what they put wine in was getting scarce (in Australia). We found that the best alternative was Missouri Oak. So for 10 days, we (went) to Australia to talk the wineries into using our wood for their barrels. (Hawthorn) really goes at it hard and works hard.”


Governor Bob Holden

“We are looking for new countries to establish that relationship. … I want us to be a leader in those activities so we can be first in line and not last in line for job creation.”


Governor Matt Blunt

“We saw in other states a real focus at the time on public-private partnerships in economic development. And that really gave us ideas for how the Missouri Partnership would be structured, where you would have an entity that would be sustained by the Department (of Economic Development) but also by an outside force and obviously, Hawthorn was the natural partner when we thought about how to make the Partnership a success.”