Military support efforts

The Hawthorn Foundation and Kit Bond Strategies have supported numerous efforts to ensure Missouri's military-based economy remains strong.

The Department of Defense (DoD) plays an integral, expansive role in Missouri’s economy and the lives of many Missourians. In response to the wave of military spending reductions, and another possible round of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), Governor Nixon authorized the Hawthorn Foundation to establish a team of defense and political experts—lead by Kit Bond Strategies (KBS)—whose mission is to defend and enhance Missouri's military footprint.

Hawthorn also commissioned an economic impact study examining DoD's contributions to Missouri's economy. The study found that the total economic output of DoD contract spending in Missouri averaged $33.2 billion and supported 162,000 jobs. Missouri's three military installations—the Missouri National Guard, Fort Leonard Wood and Whiteman Air Force Base—make up the largest share of the state's military footprint, while the defense industry makes up an even larger share in terms of total economic impact.

Hawthorn and KBS continuously work with defense communities and constituencies throughout the state in a well-coordinated partnership aimed at convincing policymakers, senior military officials and DoD leaders that Missouri is right for our nation’s military. Hawthorn also continuously seeks input, shares ideas and supports the execution of initiatives that will protect and enhance Missouri’s military-based economy. Click here for a PDF containing more information.