Government Efficiency and Effectiveness

The Hawthorn Foundation, with its membership's non-partisan support, is working in partnership with the state of Missouri and the governor's office to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our state government. Hawthorn is bringing together private, nonprofit and public sector leaders from across the state in a variety of strategic initiatives to improve Missouri’s competitiveness. The Governor’s Innovation Task Force was the first of these efforts.

Current Initiatives

Missouri Fleet Management

The Missouri Chief Operating Officer requested the assistance of private sector fleet managers and industry representatives to study vehicle fleet practices within Missouri State Government. The state of Missouri spends approximately $98 million each year to transport state employees for official business. The COO asked for a task force to seek out opportunities to streamline fleet practices and lower the overall costs of transportation utilizing industry best practices.

The Task Force members reviewed state agency information and data, and provided input through a panel-like format. Meeting formats and data requests were based on Task Force requests, in order to facilitate gaining an understanding of fleet operations over the course of the limited interactions. Task Force members held conference calls with individual agencies, in addition to Task Force‐only calls and meetings, and smaller group interactions between Task Force members. The task force completed its work in December 2017.

St. Joseph News-Press’s-task-force-fleet-management-identifies-more-2-million-potential-cost

Past Initiatives

Governor’s Innovation Task Force

Governor Greitens established the Governor’s Innovation Task Force (GITF) in 2017 to (1) develop a fact-based perspective on the state of innovation and entrepreneurship in Missouri and (2) suggest options for potential state government actions to promote innovation and new technology start-ups across the state. Over 2000 people participated in some way during the GITF process, and the task force completed its summary report within 75 days of launch. Read more about the GITF.

Future Initiatives

Missouri Branding

The message is clear. Missouri is open for business.  A marketing initiative for the state is important to our future clients.

Work Force Development

A number of new businesses need trained and skilled workers.  A team will be convened to drive more trained workers, attract new workers to our state, and staff the new and relocated companies locating here in Missouri.

Missouri Real Estate / Facilities Management

The governor's office is convening a team of state leaders from both public and private sectors to confirm best practices for efficiently managing the state held real estate properties and facilities.